Wadsworth College Reading Series: Book 1 by Cengage Learning

Wadsworth College Reading Series: Book 1

Book Title: Wadsworth College Reading Series: Book 1

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing

ISBN: 1111839409

Author: Cengage Learning

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Cengage Learning with Wadsworth College Reading Series: Book 1

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The Wadsworth College Reading Series, Third Edition is a three-level series that uses a progressive, unified approach to improving students' reading comprehension and critical thinking skills--and all at an affordable price! Praised in the second edition by users across the country, the third edition of this innovative series contains additional features and support materials that will enhance students' abilities to become effective readers. This series follows a consistent sequence and structure, pairing skills and strategies with paragraphs and short selections to introduce new concepts in context. The readings represent a diverse range of sources, including textbooks, websites, and magazines. The readings in the Third Edition have been updated for currency and relevance to students' interest, and have been reviewed carefully to ensure appropriate instructional level reading. The Wadsworth College Reading Series Book 1 , 3/e is the first book in a three-level series and is designed for low -level (5th to 8th grade) reading courses.